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Rototec AG August 5, 2022
Product Highlight

Powder mixer PM, PMV

The perfect solution for mixing powders and liquids into concentrated, ‘highly viscuous’ pastes. Ultra hygienic, powerful performance, exceptionally high powder intake, mixes at very low product temperatures.

PHC Europe B.V. August 2, 2022
News & Innovation

Innovative partner for cold chaine storage solutions solutions

PHCBI offers a range of products as ULT freezers, freezers and refrigerators dedicated to the cold chain storage of biological products, from -150°C to +22°C.

Swiss Vacuum Technologies SA August 2, 2022
Product Highlight

CO₂ Incubator

The Haier Biomedical CO2 incubator uses professional and superior technology to provide reliable conditions for frontline medical staff to carry out epidemiological and translational research, and to create a stable cell and virus culture environment for researchers.

Swiss Vacuum Technologies SA August 2, 2022
Service Highlight

After sales - Maintenance specialists

We provide strong after-sales support in terms of responsiveness, reliability and customer care. Our technicians are trained and certified by our supplier. Efficiency is our main strength. We can repair and provide maintenance for pharmaceutical, vacuum and testing equipment.

Swiss Vacuum Technologies SA August 2, 2022
Product Highlight

-150°C Cryo Freezer

Developed by Haier Biomedical, provides a safe, convenient and economical alternative long term storage method for customers. By providing a storage environment about 20℃ colder than the water recrystallization temperature, the freezer is suitable for storage of a varieties of biological samples