Integration of accurate dosing and weighing technology into automated sample preparation - simplifies powder dosing and handling of samples. Make your research easier.

Powder dosing in automatic sample preparation

A large number of substances are used in synthesis optimization. Manual weighing is laborious and time-consuming. The substances are weighed in the lower milligram range and supplied to the further experimental procedure. They are usually toxic or decompose in the ambient air, so that containment under a protective atmosphere is necessary. CHRONECT XPR takes over the weighing process for up to 32 powders. These are stored in dosing heads. All information about the solid is stored on an RFID chip and read out via the rack. Three SBS plates provide space for up to 288 different vessels, holding up to 1-mL. The powder is weighed into these vessels with the help of Mettler-Toledo's XPR system. A six-axis robot transports the powder heads to the scale and places the vessels under the dispensing head. The system can be expanded to include an autosampler so that further processing can also be automated. Vials can also be opened and closed automatically. This is made possible by the CHRONOS software from Axel Semrau.

Safe and accurate

  • Integration of precise dosing and weighing technology from Mettler-Toledo
  • No manual handling of toxic substances
  • Automatic working under protective atmosphere possible
  • Continuous documentation of each work step and the weighed-in quantities
  • Extensions available, for example, for heating, shaking, filtering