Product Highlight

Conical Screw Vacuum Dryer

Gentle drying at a high level with perfect product quality. The conical screw dryer is a vacuum contact dryer, which is well suited to dry hazardous and toxic products to a very low final moisture content due to its closed design.

The BOLZ-SUMMIX conical screw dryer is a vacuum contact dryer. Due to its contained closed system and indirect heating of the product it is particularly suited for drying hazardous and toxic products to a very low final moisture content. As a result of its unique, very gentle mixing character, even mechanically sensitive products are not destroyed. The product quality after the drying process is reproducible and as good as that of the initial product, whereas the driving forces required are very low.

The achievable, high endvacuum ensures low drying temperatures which is a clear advantage when drying temperature-sensitive products. It also ensures good heat transfer rates and short drying times, while at the same time requiring only little energy. The short drying times and the high containment level of the fully closed system make the conical dryer the best choice in instances where environmental and/ or product requirements are strict and remarkably high.

Special properties for the customer’s benefit:

  • Fully closed contained system
  • Very high containment level, almost 100% solids and solvent recovery
  • Operator safe, product and environment friendly
  • Wide product flexibility as well suited for multi-product/ multi-process application
  • High process flexibility in the range of drying, mixing, homogenizing, re-wetting etc.
  • Very gentle product handling
  • Optimized CIP facilities with complete liquid drain and verified CIP reproducibility
  • Short drying times given by a minimize screw-to-wall clearance
  • Improve of the product quality and reduction of the drying time by use of a heated mixing screw
  • Almost 100% product discharge by gravity
  • Filling volume 10-100% of working capacity
  • Low drive power compared to other systems
  • Reliable drive systems with proven sealing system
  • Safe and ATEX compliant
  • Clean room installation in the feed area or the dryer discharge area is possible
  • Various options and design details