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CrystalBreeder - do more with less!

Enhance your early stage solid state screening with the CrystalBreeder bench-top system. The CrystalBreeder is the next generation multi-reactor crystallization platform for medium-throughput solid-state research, operating at a working volume of 0.1 ml.

The Technobis Crystalbreeder is the next-generation multi-reactor crystallization platform for medium-throughput solid-state research with 32 reactors working at volumes as small as 0.06 up to 0.1 milliliters.

The two new modules on vapor diffusion and evaporation capabilities increase the instrument’s versatility, and facilitate the design space for more advanced experiments. The two modules sit on top of the bench-top apparatus to keep the equipment compact.

With the CrystalBreeder you can carry out rapid crystallization screens with just one milligram of a sample, using multiple crystallization modes including: cooling crystallization, controlled evaporation, cooling evaporation, Vapor Diffusion crystallization, slurry, thermocycling, sublimation, and more.

The crystallization space can be systematically explored with the ability to control temperature profiles, stirring speed, and crystallization mode allowing users to take the guesswork out of the early-stage solid-state screening.

Designed by scientists for scientists, the CrystalBreeder has a small footprint, user-friendly interface with little training required, disposable reactors, overhead stirring, and in-line analytics with no need for cleaning of reactor analytics.

The compatible software makes it effortless to scale up from the CrystalBreeder to a milliliter scale for solubility studies or metastable zone width determination using the Technobis Crystal16® or Crystalline.

Whether you are searching for new polymorphs or growing single crystals, the CrystalBreeder with transmissivity technology gives you a clear indication of a hit.

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