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Crystalline - seeing is believing

Access crystallization and formulation information at milliliter scale with the next generation Crystalline parallel crystallizer and bring your crystallization process development to a new level!

With 8 temperature controlled, independent reactors, the Crystalline instrument allows chemists to run experiments at volumes between 2.5 and 5 mL in a temperature range from -25 °C to 145 °C. While traditionally these experiments would require constant supervision, the Crystalline instrument runs completely unattended. 

Designed with a variety of customized top stirrers and smart caps, the Crystalline allows chemists to develop crystallization and formulation processes at an early stage with only small amounts of material while providing yet the most reliable information about particles as they naturally exist in the process.

The instrument incorporates through the vial advanced analytical capabilities such as integrated cameras for particle imagining and particle analysis, Particle Size Distribution, Real-time Raman integration and Turbidity.

In-line analytics with no need for cleaning of the disposable reactors!

The integrated particle imaging helps scientists around the world to monitor crystallization processes in real time and thus easily determine the impact of process parameters on particle size and -count.

Added possibilities of real-time Raman integration on the Crystalline system also allows to follow polymorphic transformations or chemical reactions and to monitor concentration profiles. 

The combined capabilities of the Crystalline system provides access to valuable data that is essential for the optimization of crystallization and formulation processes. 

Seeing is believing!


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