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Did you know that there is a tool that helps you easily find the right standard for your connection?

Thanks to our mobile app, don't hesitate anymore! Easily define the standard which corresponds to your installation: ISO, DIN, ASME-BPE it's quick and easy !

Simplify your tasks

At Aseptconn, a supplier of components and products for sterile fluid transfer technology, you profit from our many years of experience in the Pharmaceutical sector. 

We have developed a mobile APP that allows you to easily determine which standard is applied to your installation. Just use your phone and calliper and you will have the answer in seconds. 

How to get the mobile app? 

The app, which is completely free of charge, can be found in the APPLE STORE as well as on ANDROID under the name: 


How does it work?

The mobile application is easy to use: 

  1. Start the application and choose your preferred language 
  2. Choose the standard for the product that you would like information about.
  3. Measure the diameters you have available according to the image you have on the application
  4. Make a note of the dimensions obtained from the application 
  5. Your product will correspond to the standard that is closest to the measured values

Also use the chemical compatibility table to define the seal material for your application

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