Follow the nose: The success of your product depends on it!

The olfactory detection offers a solution for the determination of aromas, fragrances, and off-odors in combination with a standard gas chromatograph.

Follow the nose: The success of your product depends on it! 

The olfactory sense is among the most important senses for humans and animals alike and has been of critical importance to our survival. Odors are immediately registered followed by a subconscious or instinctive assessment of the situation, in which we find ourselves, or of the product we hold in our hand. Odors influence our daily lives in subtle unnoticed ways. Pleasant odors stimulate our well-being and our appetite and they can influence purchasing decisions.
Unpleasant odors warn us against eating spoiled food. And even distant memories from years and years ago can be reawakened through long forgotten odors.


Olfactory Detection Port: Systematic odor analysis

The Olfactory Detection Port offers a system solution for the determination of aromas, fragrances, and off odors using gas chromatography in combination with olfactory detection (GC-O). Olfactory analysis is performed on food,  beverages, perfumes, body care and consumer products, packaging and much more.

The ODP 4 was developed to allow users to work in a concentrated yet relaxed manner, meeting individual ergonomic requirements. The powerful Olfactory Data Interpreter (ODI) data processing software is capable of handling the large amounts of data gathered.


Requirements for a modern Olfactory Detection Port:

Relaxed olfactory detection work:

  • Optimized, stable and individually adaptable ergonomics
  • Enables fully concentrated work with eyes closed
  • Humidification protects mucus membranes as needed

Accurate and reproducible data:

  • High data security, unambiguous identification
  • Sniff & Trap
  • Sharp GC-O peaks even for higher boiling polar compounds

Training for GC-O Users:

  • GERSTEL workshops with experienced instructors teach practical sniffing


Efficient GC-O/MS data interpretation

The Olfactory Data Interpreter (ODI) Software processes chromatography data, for example from GC/MS, GC/FID or GC/PFPD, in combination with sensory impressions and intensities obtained using the ODP 4. The software automatically recognizes and imports GC- and GC-MS data formats from different instrument brands. The ODI displays an overlay of the
chromatogram, olfactogram and sensory impressions for easy evaluation and analysis.

In addition, the analyst is presented with a detailed overview of required parameters for processing GC-O data including: Retention times, retention indices (RI), GC-O intensities as well as olfactory descriptors. Based on an n-alkane standard mixture chromatogram, every peak is automatically assigned its retention index.


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