Product Highlight

Hettich HettCube Incubators

Environmentally friendly, economical and well thought-out. The HettCube incubators are easy on your budget and the environment and offer your cultures the best possible growing conditions. Our 3 models are also available with cooling.

Hettich HettCube Incubators - Making efficient use of your valuable space

With the new touchscreen, HettCube incubators and cooled incubators guarantee intuitive operation with flexible and individual setting options and many new features.

The advantages of the HettCube at a glance:

  • Touchscreen with intuitive operation 
  • Simple weekly programming
  • Flexible setting options
  • Process reliability even in case of power failure
  • Temperature control system reduces drying out of samples
  • Cost reduction with energy savings 
  • Simple operation

The proven combination of natural and forced convection ensures stable and homogeneous temperatures in a much larger part of the interior than conventional incubators and refrigerated incubators. This gives you up to 30% more validated usable space for the same interior. In addition, the slim design requires less space. This gives you up to 50% more validated usable space for the same footprint.

We will be pleased to present one of our HettCubes at the exhibition.

Further information and a larger overview can be found here.