How to avoid long production downtimes

Tanks, circulation pumps, hoppers, etc. wear out over time. Learn why it pays to maintain your equipment regularly and how we can help you avoid long production downtimes.

Why should you maintain your equipment regularly?

Tanks, circulation pumps, hoppers, etc. wear out over time. This wear leads to various problems such as: 

  • Non-compliance of the surface condition
  • Contamination of the product
  • The risk of corrosion
  • Deterioration of the surface properties

What should we do?

To prevent these problems, we offer you a
maintenance service for your installation.

  • We come to you quickly and assess the condition of your equipment
  • We advise you on the best way to
    restoration of your installations
  • We draw up a work plan to meet your deadlines

How we go about it:

Our maintenance service includes several services:

  • Maintenance-related travel is at our expense
  • When the equipment is handed over, tests and requalification certificates are provided, if necessary
    • The welding book in case of repair
    • The roughness check carried out by our qualified personnel as well as the endoscopic controls
    • The 2.2 certificate of the work carried out
    • Material certificates by means of mass spectrometer
  • We adapt to your quality requirements
  • Maintenance of the material with different techniques
    • Polishing or electropolishing of surfaces in contact with the products
    • Restoration of conformity in case of defects
    • Ensuring different surface finishes and roughness with Ra. from mirror polished to 0.8µm

Do you have any questions?

Contact us - we will be happy to advise you.