Ignition: The New Scada

Advantages of the Ignition platform for SCADA, MES, ML, IIoT enable the efficient and continuous connection between IT and OT. Based on IT standards, projects can be implemented quickly and efficiently.

Modern technology and creative thinking, together with the use of human-machine interface software and software for monitoring, control and data acquisition, enable many impressive projects.

With the introduction of intelligent machines, the industrial internet and due to large amounts of data, operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT) departments have to solve the same problems: accessing industrial data, integrating more systems and solving business challenges. Ignition aims to solve these problems by leveraging the best of control and IT technology. Ignition offers a licensing model that is not limited by the number of tags, database connections, clients or the number of designers. Thanks to the use of IT standards such as SQL, Python, OPC UA and MQTT, there are no limits to your project.

Use in all operating environments

Your project is also not tied to an operating mode or operating system, which allows for maximum flexibility. Whether redundant servers, cloud, hybrid cloud or mixed forms with the use of MQTT: the operating environment required for your requirement is supported. Ignition uses the same code base to run on large cloud servers, on small devices like Raspberry Pi, or on field devices at the edge of the network, so you can connect all your data and devices on one platform and have a system up and running in two minutes.

A unified designer software for HMI

Designer is designed to help individuals and teams get the job done quickly and effectively. You can start an unlimited number of designers and have multiple people working on the same project at the same time without anyone being locked out of shared project resources. Responsive HMIs with historical trends, alarms and much more are easy to create with drag-and-drop ease.

Modular platform

The Ignition platform's wide range of functions can be extended with seamlessly integrated modules. All modules are hot-pluggable and can be added or removed on the fly.