Maintanance Kits from Aseptconn AG

Would you like to save time when ordering parts to change in you skid and production equipment? We have the solution! Aseptconn has developed customized maintenance kits that help you save time and reduce your inventory.

What is the Maintenance Kit?

Maintenance managers are often forced to contact several differentsuppliers when they want to change wear parts on their production line.That's why Aseptconn has developed customised maintenance kitscontaining all the parts needed for each of your skids. We tailor each kitto your needs

Maintenance Kit

What are the benefits?

  • Refer to a single supplier when ordering parts for replacement
  • Use a single part number for each Maintenance Kit, which will contain allthe necessary material
  • Reduce your stock levels with our scheduled deliveries
  • Reduce order management costs, estimated at CHF 250.00, by placingonly 1 order for all the necessary material
  • Easily manage products with our detailed labelling
  • Our certificate management system ensures full traceability of allproducts

What do we guarantee?

One of Aseptconn's values is to react quickly when a request is made.That is why we guarantee a short response time, the best delivery timeand quality products

Our range of products for the pharmaceutical industryis almost unlimited, so don't hesitate to contact us