The Scion 6000 Series HPLC aims for confidence in results through outstanding life-time performance. A robust design maximises uptime and productivity levels whilst minimises cost of operation. The SCION 6000 Series offers an array of automation options for workflow optimisation.

Key Values

  • Superior gradient performance and excellent flow rate precision
    The Scion 6100 Quaternary pump has a new low-pressure mode called High Frequent Mode (HFM), which utilises a double switching function of proportioning valves. HFM with the high-speed real-time feedback control system greatly suppresses liquid pulsation for superior reproducibility of gradient and retention times.
  • Excellent injection volume precision and ultra-low carry-over
    The newly adopted high-precision syringe drive unit provides excellent injection volume precision. Dead volume in the SCION 6210/6220 Autosampler flow path has been minimised. Syringe washing protocols, and stringent temperature control has resulted in a superior precision autosampler with extremely low carry-over.
  • Best Chromatography
    The SCION 6310 Column Oven delivers accurate Peltier-based heating cooling profiles, delivering sharp peaks with excellent peak symmetry. The column oven accommodates three 250 mm ID-tagged analytical columns fitted with a guard-column. We are able to offer a full product line of LC columns with our 6000 Series HPLC, effective immediately. A wide selection of base materials, dimensions, functional groups and particle sizes is now available to fit most HPLC applications.
  • Excellent Detector Performance
    The 6000 Series HPLC line-up comes with a portfolio of detectors including Ultra Violet and Diode Array Detector, Fluorescence and Refractive Index all designed for stability, precision and sensitivity.