Swiss Cell Culture Solutions for research and industrial applications

Founded in 1978 BioConcept has become a leading supplier for customized cell culture media and defined media for recombination protein production. We combine experience with an innovative spirit to support our customer’s needs with the best possible solutions.

BioConcept Ltd. offers all standard (classical) media and solutions. Furthermore, the production facilities are equipped to manufacture sterile Water for Injection (WFI), QC liquids and buffers.

Our product line includes:

  • Customer-designed media
  • Contract manufacturing of sterile liquids and powder formulations
  • Production media for CHO, Hybridoma and Insect Cells
  • Standard media
  • Serum-free and Animal Component Free (ACF) media
  • Liquid and powder media formulations
  • Water for Injection
  • Buffers and balanced salt solutions
  • Supplements and auxiliary reagents
  • Animal sera

In addition to the broad range of cell culture products, we offer the highest degree of
flexibility and customization in a timely manner.

Our Options:

  • Modifications of standard products
  • New products according to customers recipes
  • Outsourcing of media production
  • Variable batch sizes
  • Variable packaging sizes in bottles, bags and containers (200 and 500 liter)
  • Sterilization through sterile filtration (0.22μm) or hot air/vapour sterilization

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