Product Highlight

Test winner pH-Fix - Comparative Study

In a comparative study for pH test strips, our pH-Fix 0-14 product (REF 92110) emerged as the clear winner.

In this study, the pH-Fix 0-14 test strips from MACHEREY-NAGEL were tested and compared with the competitor product MQuant®* pH 0-14 test strips from Merck*. The test persons carried out comparative tests with buffer solutions and evaluated the design, handling and general usability of the product.

- pH-Fix 0-14 performed excellently with an accuracy of 88 % (compared to the competitor product: 80 %).

- the average usability rating for pH-Fix 0-14 was 4.65 (compared to the competitor product: 4.09).

For more info on the parameter, visit our e-training page with all the relevant information on pH as well as the comparative study!

Choose the best pH test strip product - the pH-Fix products from MACHEREY-NAGEL!


*Merck and MQuant® are registered trademarks of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany. The pH-Fix product is neither endorsed, nor sponsored by or affiliated with the Merck Company.