Product Highlight

User-friendly pipetting robot for labs of all shapes and sizes

This flexible robot helps you achieve e.g., higher throughput, better accuracy, and great working conditions. Advantages: Intuitive user-interface that easily adjusts to your workflow, from delivery to deployment in hours, not days or weeks, integrates easily with external devices.

The flowbot® ONE is a pipetting robot created to make easy, flexible and automated liquid handling accessible to every laboratory.

The robot is a plug and play solution that is developed for immediate adjustment, and it can integrate to devices positioned on the deck or externally to the system.

With flowbot® ONE there is no need for extensive training, a long implementation period or advanced programming whenever a procedure changes in your lab.

Its software is a web application that can be accessed from any browser, from any computer (PC/Mac/Linux), tablet, or phone. With its intuitive user interface, everyone can learn to use it in just one hour.

The flowbot® ONE is an ideal solution for laboratories taking their first steps into the world of laboratory automation, but it will also run seamlessly side-by-side with other instruments.

Leave your enormous manual workload behind and create the perfect lab flow with the flowbot® ONE.

Flow Robotics – Liquid Handling Made Easy