Why RFID is a game changer? How is RFID a game changer ?

What’s RFID? RFID Stand for RadioFrequancyIDentification. The RFID technology first appeared in 1948 for military useage: to identify ennemi planes and allies planes.

In the 80’s the RFID got miniaturised and the price droped significantly, which resulted in RFID being used in civil environnements. In late 2000s some grocery companies decided to use it instensively to manage their supply chain, their stock and imposed it to their suppliers. This is how the RFID revolution started and since then the scope of RFID grows continuesly. Now it can be found everywhere ( clothes, food packaging, furnitures, cars…) !

How does it work?

The RFID system we are using is passif, meaning there is no battery involved and it communicates through radio frequency. But RFID can also be semi-passive and active. 

The identifier, consisting of a chip and an antenna makes it possible to recognise an object, animal or person. The antenna allows the exchange of data with the reader. The reader, consisting of an RFID module and an antenna, interacts with the tags in its field of action.

In fact, when tags enter the antenna field, they transmit their information by radio frequency. The antenna passes it, then the reader converts this radiowave into usable data.

The advantage?

  • You don’t need to see a label to read it (vs. a barcode or datamatrix)
  • Lifetime: you can read them thousands of times
  • Mass reading and reading speed: you can read simultenously hundreds of tags
  • Automatization: you don’t need a person to read it, simply go underneath a gate and it is completed automatically
  • Wide scope: there are thousands of different tags for different useage : for exemple a nail tag to put into a wood structure
  • Price: a RFID tag is nowadays really afordable and can be used almost anywhere
  • It's easy to integegrate into technologies: in general products already have a label it just needs to be converted into an RFID label

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