Product Highlight

Your partner for automated low to high throughput solutions

MN offers a variety of kits for low (LTP), medium (MTP), and high throughput (HTP) nucleic acid and protein purification. Our solutions are based on different technologies.

For RNA and DNA purification, we offer:

  • NucleoBond: anion exchange chromatography
  • NucleoSpin: silica membrane technology
  • NucleoFast: ultrafiltration
  • NucleoMag: magnetic bead technology
  • For protein purification, we offer
  • Protino: affinity chromatography

Kits for all applications are available for both manual and automated use on common laboratory robotic platforms. The NucleoSpin 8 / 96 kits are offered as ready to run solutions including all consumables, but are also available as “Core Kits” containing no plastic material in order to provide a high flexibility for automation.