ILMAC 365 for providers

Reach your target group 365 days a year and win new customers

ILMAC 365 gives you the opportunity to reach specialists from the life sciences and chemical sectors based on their interests 365 days a year.

To do this, you publish content (product highlights, know-how, videos, etc.) on various topics and thus reach the users - on the personalised start page, on various topic pages and via the personalised newsletter. You thus gain an attractive reach and potential customers - as a supplement to ILMAC.

Experience shows that each post generates an average of 1,000 - 2,000 impressions, 100 - 200 views and 10 - 30 interactions.

Would you also like to gain more reach?

Two digital marketing packages are available for you to regularly publish posts on the ILMAC 365.


Package: Your content on ILMAC 365
Package: Content production for ILMAC 365
Individual solution on request

Suitable for whom?

You have a blog, a YouTube channel or a regular newsletter and want additional reach for your content.

Suitable for whom?

You would like a professional copywriter to work with you to create content for ILMAC Community and your own channels.

Suitable for whom?

You don't find the two offers suitable for you? Get in touch with us and we will find an individual solution.


We publish up to 6 contents per year from your blog, YouTube channel or newsletter on ILMAC 365 with dispatch in the newsletter. You will receive each content for review one week before publication.


A copywriter defines 4 contents with you in a telephone interview, creates them with your input and publishes them on ILMAC 365 with dispatch in the newsletter.


CHF 1900.– for exhibitors of ILMAC

CHF 2500.– for exhibitors of ILMAC

On request

The offers are valid for 1 year from the date of booking.


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