accroma labtec ltd.

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Sample in - Answer out! Fully automated sample preparation of solids, from weighing to your needed data

About us

accroma labtec Ltd. is the first company to bring a cost-effective standard system to the market that can prepare a wide variety of solid samples for separation analysis. The secret lies in the accroTubes developed by accroma labtec, a consumable that lays the foundation for the flexibility and processing speed of the robot. This, combined with a strong focus on ease of use, makes the much-cherished wish "sample in - answer out" a reality.

Even today, in modern laboratories, for lack of alternatives, manual work is still used for many jobs. However, this work is prone to errors and ties up well qualified employees in the wrong place. 
1. 30% of a laboratory technician's working time is spent on sample preparation alone, a similar proportion is spent on documentation. 
2. 90% of the Out of Specification Results (OOS - leads to a batch that is blocked) are not due to poor production quality, but to human errors in sample preparation. 

Looking at the challenges in the laboratory today, it is obvious that the automation of sample preparation can solve the biggest problems and we can use the well qualified people for more profitable work than e.g. grinding tablets.
It is therefore not surprising that in the past some well-known companies have tried to solve this problem. Even if it seems easy at first sight to address the challenges described above, nobody has yet managed to copy or improve human flexibility and handling of the specific problems. 
accroma labtec has succeeded in developing an impressively simple system for automated sample preparation, which is flexible (no large number of samples required), works very fast (can perform different steps in parallel) and has solved known problems such as carry-over, heat effects or long set-up times. The secret lies in a unique Extraction Tube, a consumable that becomes part of the different module within the robot.