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Aseptconn is a leading supplier of components, products, software and systems for liquid sterile technology as used primarily in the pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical and other critical industries.

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Aseptconn AG August 15, 2022
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Our Hoses and Connections specially designed for the Pharmaceutical Industry

The Pharmaceutical world is very strictly regulated. It is therefore important that all materials used are of the highest quality. That is why we have developed hoses and connections that meet your requirements.

Aseptconn AG May 16, 2022
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Fittings and Connections Tri-Clamp

These are quickly applied fittings and connections, used in working environments that require a high level of hygiene. Do you want to know more? Then read on.

Aseptconn AG May 16, 2022
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Why use a Dummy?

Save time and cleaning products when you wash your filters, thanks to the Dummy for your crankcase. Our engineering department will make it to measure for you

Aseptconn AG May 16, 2022

Plastic Welding

PVDF is being used more and more in the pharmaceutical world, thanks to its multiple advantages. All the more reason to offer you our plastic welding service.

Aseptconn AG May 16, 2022
Service Highlight

Did you know that there is a tool that helps you easily find the right standard for your connection?

Thanks to our mobile app, don't hesitate anymore! Easily define the standard which corresponds to your installation: ISO, DIN, ASME-BPE it's quick and easy !

Aseptconn AG May 16, 2022
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Do you have problems with leaks and/or contamination in your production facilities?

Leakage and contamination problems are one of the main causes of production line stoppages. Therefore, it is important to take measures at every stage of production to avoid these incidents.

Aseptconn AG March 14, 2022

Maintanance Kits from Aseptconn AG

Would you like to save time when ordering parts to change in you skid and production equipment? We have the solution! Aseptconn has developed customized maintenance kits that help you save time and reduce your inventory.

Aseptconn AG March 14, 2022
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CFD simulation

Aseptconn offers you a CFD simulation service. Numerical flow simulation allows insights into systems that are only possible at great expense or only locally within the framework of experiments.

Aseptconn AG March 10, 2022
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Aseptconn AG November 11, 2021

How to avoid long production downtimes

Tanks, circulation pumps, hoppers, etc. wear out over time. Learn why it pays to maintain your equipment regularly and how we can help you avoid long production downtimes.

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About us

Aseptconn is the leading supplier of components for aseptic liquid transfer systems used in the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries. Our innovative products, combined with expert advice, improve the productivity and safety of our customers' manufacturing processes in a sustainable way. 

Aseptconn was founded in 2016 in Switzerland and consists of a team with many years of experience in consulting and sales of components for aseptic fluid transfer systems. We are a customer-focused company that focuses on innovation, responsiveness and total order satisfaction. These values form the basis for the way we do business. 

A strong asset of our know-how is our efficient warehouse and certificate management, which ensures short delivery times and complete and continuous product traceability. In addition, our wide product range enables our customers to obtain all components from a single source.

Our offering is not limited to selling you all the parts you need for fluid transfer. We also offer our CFD service. Computational Fluid Dynamics is the best tool for predicting the parameters of various physical and chemical processes. It facilitates system development as there is no need to build expensive prototypes or conduct complex experiments.

In 2020, we set a goal:  "To help process developers design P&ID faster, safer and greener" and we have achieved it. Aseptsoft is a plug-in that meets all these criteria and more. For example, components and pipes can be automatically coloured according to a stored state or according to the flow of the medium. Furthermore, you can automatically create technical attachments or IQs/OQs in no time.