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At Beckman Coulter, we are dedicated to advancing and optimizing the laboratory. For more than 80 years, we have been a trusted partner for laboratory professionals, helping to advance scientific research and patient care.

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Beckman Coulter Life Science September 29, 2021
Product Highlight

EMnetik System – PCR Cleanup and Plasmid Prep

The EMnetik system is featuring faster PCR cleanup, Plasmid Prep and fewer touchpoints. It expedites and improves bead mixing and separation, accomplishing both almost instantaneously. The compact microparticle processor creates a one-stop-shop for nucleic acid cleanup.

Beckman Coulter Life Science September 29, 2021
Product Highlight

Biomek and Echo Liquid Handler

Echo and Biomek i-Series integration allows you to leverage the non-contact, nanoliter, acoustic dispensing accuracy of the Echo Liquid Handler, with the larger volume transfers, optional HEPA filtration and on-deck device integration of the Biomek Automated Workstation for full workflow automation.

Beckman Coulter Life Science September 29, 2021

Insights into the Digital Campus

Experience the Digital Campus, a hybrid exposition of Beckman Coulter Life Sciences. Discover the real products and solutions in a virtual environment.

Beckman Coulter Life Science September 23, 2021
Product Highlight

CytoFLEX* SRT - Cell Sorting in Benchtop Format

Sort up to four cell populations at the same time with simple compensation workflow and the ability to upgrade your cell sorter to meet new requirements at any time.

Beckman Coulter Life Science September 23, 2021
Product Highlight

Vi-CELL BLU and Vi-CELL MetaFLEX Cell Analyzer

Fast and automated analysis for cell viability examination with the Vi-CELL BLU. The Vi-CELL MetaFLEX analyzes bioanalytes in cell culture media with low sample volumes.

Beckman Coulter Life Science September 23, 2021

Digital Campus - Our Hybrid Product World

Explore the hybrid world of Beckman Coulter Life Sciences and discover the real products and solutions in a virtual environment. Stroll through the 5 exhibition halls and learn more in the seminar room.

Beckman Coulter Life Science September 21, 2021

Product Highlights in 2021

See our latest product launches in the instrument categories: Research Flow Cytometry, Cell Analysis/Fermentation, Liquid Handling, and Air Particle Counter/TOC Analysis.

Beckman Coulter Life Science September 17, 2021
Product Highlight

High-Throughput Bioprocess Development

The BioLector XT high-throughput microbioreactor enables real-time evaluation of biomass, fluorescence, pH, DO, and other key cultivation parameters for aerobes and anaerobes - to quickly provide deep insights into your bioprocess development.

Beckman Coulter Life Science September 13, 2021
Product Highlight

Optima AUC - Analytical Ultracentrifuge

Analytical ultracentrifugation (AUC) allows optimal characterization of proteins, nano particles and viral vectors and better quantification of aggregations.

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About us

Life Science Research 

We have a vital role: our focus on innovation, reliability and efficiency has led us to become the partner of choice for clinical, research and industrial customers around the globe. 

In the life sciences, researchers use Beckman Coulter’s precision instruments to study complex biological problems, including causes of disease and potential new treatments. Our team of experts dedicates the time and energy to understand the complexity of research for laboratory customers in a wide variety of settings: universities, government, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, and commercial laboratories. By innovating new processes and technologies, we’re challenging conventional wisdom; our goal is to develop the best, most widely trusted laboratory solutions available on the market today.