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DrM - The specialist for solid/liquid separation & vibraratory Mixers & Single Use Technology

About us

DrM's products enjoy a worldwide market in various industries in the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, steel and food production. FUNDABAC® Filter wet and dry discharge CONTIBAC® continuous thickening STERIBAC® GMP Filter, enhanced version of the FUNDABAC® design to comply with the high production standards of pharmaceutical and biotech industries. Our key competence: Filtration and heel volume filtration, cake and spray washing, cake drying, in-situ filter cleaning, application know-how.

The FUNDAMIX® Vibratory Mixer is a universal device for mixing liquids in open or closed vessels, under vacuum or pressure, even in sterile conditions.
The electro-magnetic drive operates at 50 to 60 Hz and transmits the vibration via the mixing device or mixing plate attached to a special clamp coupling into the medium.
The flow direction can be adapted to suit the medium and required mixing effect. The mixing direction depends on the orientation of the conical holes.
FUNDAMIX® can operate continuously without overheating or amplitude variations.

Single Use Filter
FUNDABAC® SU – Filtration Technology 
DrM’s new single-use filter type, FUNDABAC® SU, consists of large surface area filter elements, packed into a fully contained plastic enclosure. It is a clever alternative for disposable filter cartridges for harvest and purification in biopharmaceutical processes.
The increased surface area boosts the filtration efficiency and results in a higher throughput. All exposed plastic surfaces are pre-sterilised and validated which makes CIP/SIP redundant. The filter bag is installed in a pressure vessel during filtration. The unique design allows a number of cycles, where the cake can be back-flushed and accumulated on the bottom of the bag. Finally the compressed bag including the solid waste is in very compact form and can be removed and safely disposed of.

FUNDAMIX® SU – Mixing Technology
Biopharmaceutical manufacturers are facing an ongoing change in terms of operational techniques and the selection of process equipment.
The current market demands and industry trends, i.e. industry 4.0, perfusion/continuous process, inline measurement, real time control and single use systems (SUS) offer best conditions to the biopharmaceutical manufacturers to decrease the COGS and increase speed, quality and flexibility throughout their entire production process.
To meet these demands, DrM has developed a new type of single-use mixing reactor, the FUNDAMIX® SU system, which combines the proven FUNDAMIX® mixing technology (over 1900 stainless steel executions) with the advantages of a closed and disposable plastic enclosure.