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HiTec Zang GmbH is a leading supplier of chemical, pharmaceutical and biotech laboratory-equipment for small process-plants. Products: Laboratory automation systems, automated laboratory reactor systems, parallel synthesis systems, reaction calorimeters, laboratory stirrers, fermenter-systems etc.

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HiTec Zang GmbH October 7, 2021

Flow Chemistry – Automated and Modular

The unique Ehrfeld Modular MicroReaction system is ideal for developing new flow chemistry processes. By combining the Ehrfeld MMRS system with the laboratory automation by HiTec Zang it is quick and easy to set up an automated flow reactor system which is flexible both in hardware and software.

HiTec Zang GmbH October 7, 2021

Automated Flow Reactors – It takes minutes to automated flow

We'll show you how easy it is to automate a flow chemistry setup. Take a seat and see how we guide you from basic P&ID to visualized process control system.

HiTec Zang GmbH September 23, 2021

LabVision® for batch and continuous processes

LabVision® is one of the most powerful and respected process visualization or SCADA tools. It meets the requirements of the NAMUR working group - AK2.4 for research process control systems (FPLS) and is thus equipped for frequently changing or modified tasks.

HiTec Zang GmbH September 23, 2021
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LabBox® - Lab automation out of the box

Automation in the laboratory is the tool of choice if you want to increase quality and productivity and reduce costs. The LabBox® system is the compact automation system especially for preparative and analytical workstations in the laboratory or pilot plant.

HiTec Zang GmbH September 1, 2021
Product Highlight

High-precision dosing up to 90 bar

The SyrDos™ CKP is available in two valve variants. A low-pressure valve with a test pressure of 30 bar and a high-pressure valve with a test pressure of 90 bar.

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About us

The company HiTec Zang was initially founded as an engineering office by Prof. Dr.–Ing. Werner Zang in the year 1979. In the first years customized hardware development in analogue and digital technology as well as software development to customer specification were realised.

As the spread of the home computers continued the development of intelligent data acquisition systems began.

The continuous change of conditions in laboratories and pilot plant stations required more flexibility of the graphical user interface, the program and the interfaces to the process. The MSRmanager™ system could fulfill these requirements unlike any other automation system. The first consumers were colleges but quick companies of the plant construction, chemistry and other industrial fields came along.

The special conditions in a chemical laboratory leaded to further development of the MSRmanager™ system. In cooperation with chemists and lab assistants a concept for a system were elaborated. This concept was leading, with regard to the NAMUR recommendations, to the realisation of the LabManager®. The standardisation in the field of industrial automating and interfaces in the chemical industry were worked out by the NAMUR working group. With the LabManager® the second product line was introduced.

The start of the project business for ready to use process control and EMSR systems leaded to the foundation of the sister company NOVATEC GmbH in the year 1992. NOVATEC mainly works in the area of waste disposal sides, leachate treatment plants and the chemical industry.

The development of hardware and software is done by an engineering team from HiTec Zang. This is required from the necessary flexibility caused and wished by the consumers to react fast and immediately on permanently changing needs of the market.

HiTec Zang is a research and development orientated company. Hereby nearly every year new products are introduced. In 1992 Prof. Dr.–Ing. Zang received the first ever presented award for innovation and technology from the city of Aachen for the development of “LINGU-CONTROL”. A manipulating system which is controlled by the tongue of a paralyzed patient.
With RAMOS® (Respiration Activity MOnitoring System) HiTec Zang entered the biotechnology market in 1998. RAMOS® as a result of a project of the RWTH Aachen with the topic  “Automatische Messanlage zur online Bestimmung der Atmungsaktivität in Schüttlekolben” (automated measuring system for an online determination of the breathability in a shaking flask). This project enhanced the correlation between application and fundamental research. Collaboration with several partners from the industry and research area led to the knowledge in the field of bioprocess engineering and biotechnology that HiTec Zang offers. Actual development in cell culture technology are realised by a cooperation with the laboratory for cell culture technology from Prof. Manfred Biselli at the university of applied science Aachen.

In 2013 the construction of the building “Haus 2” (House 2) was completed. It is used as an extension of the production area with an area of 900m2.