i3 Membrane GmbH

Short description

i3 membranes, equipped with functional surfaces, enable a more efficient and sustainable separate process while reducing fouling. Digitally switchable adsorption and desorption of various media with simultaneous filtration offers completely new options of using membranes.

About us

i3 Membrane is your companion for filtration solutions and separation technologies within the life sciences. Together with and for our clients, we develop high-quality products in our Medical, Lab/Pharma and Biotech business units.

i3 Membrane meets the highest standards in particle analysis. Ultra-thin metal finishes made of gold, titanium and other precious metals are applied to high-quality polymer membranes to enable electrical conductivity of the membranes' surfaces. These deliver optimal reflection properties with the Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) microscope and the Raman spectroscope. They also build a suitable conductive substrate for imaging with a scanning electron microscope (EDX/WDX). This makes the standardized membranes ideal for use in asbestos analysis, particle analysis of solid and liquid materials in the pharmaceuticals, chemical and automotive industries, as well as in sample preparation (for HPLC and other methods).