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Promega AG August 16, 2022
Service Highlight

Pipeline-to-pipeline: We Speed Up Your Workflow

Do you want to know about new product concepts? Are you interested in personalized solutions for biochemical, cell-based, and bio- assays? Do you need R&D support to develop your projects? Tailored R&D Services and Early Access Materials are the solutions for you.

Promega AG August 16, 2022
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Streamline your work with Promega Automation and Integration Solutions

Promega instruments are easy to use and flexible. Be it multi-plate readers, capillary electrophoresis devices, or automated nucleic acid extraction solutions, they all adapt to your needs for integration and automation.

ILMAC August 12, 2022
News & Innovation

ILMAC LAUSANNE focuses more on lively discussion

The French-speaking Swiss trade fair for the chemical and Life Sciences industry is experiencing numerous innovations. Céline Futterknecht is the new director of the two-day event.

Bronkhorst (Schweiz) AG August 9, 2022
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Intelligent flow controllers for biopharma processes

For (benchtop) bioreactor manufacturers we have compact gas flow instruments in our product portfolio that can provide you accurate, repeatable and a stable gas flow. As reduction in instruments is desirable for you, including short delivery times, we have pre-configured multi-parameter instruments

Promega AG August 8, 2022

Go Green with Helix® at ILMAC LAUSANNE 2022

The Helix® on-site stocking system is your ally to make your work more sustainable and convenient. Visit our booth to make your own Helix® experience.

Sartorius Lab Instruments GmbH & Co.KG August 2, 2022
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CellCelector Flex - Flexible And Fully Automated Single Cell And Colony Picking Platform

The CellCelector platform is a fully automated cell imaging and picking system developed for the screening, selection and isolation of single cells, clusters, spheroids and organoids, as well as single cell clones and adherent colonies.

Sartorius Lab Instruments GmbH & Co.KG July 29, 2022

Cell Line Development With Intelligent Tools, Services, and Solutions for Your Unique Needs

Sartorius addresses your needs at every stage of the journey to commercialization, whether you need a fully outsourced solution or select products and services to complement your in-house cell line development (CLD) capabilities

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Your partner for automated low to high throughput solutions

MN offers a variety of kits for low (LTP), medium (MTP), and high throughput (HTP) nucleic acid and protein purification. Our solutions are based on different technologies.

Anton Paar Switzerland AG July 15, 2022
News & Innovation

Discover New Horizons in Particle Characterization

How much do you know about your particles? With Anton Paar it will be more – thanks to the world’s broadest portfolio of particle characterization instruments from one single provider: 29 instruments to measure more than 20 size and structural parameters of your particles.

Adolf Kühner AG June 28, 2022

Orbital shaken bioreactor for single-use bags SB10-X

The SB10-X is an orbital shaken benchtop bioreactor system for the cultivation of human, mammalian and plant cells in a single-use bag. It has a working volume from 4 litres up to 12 litres.

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