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Curiox Biosystems Co Ltd September 27, 2022

Laminar Wash Technology for Sample Preparation

Faster and easily automated, Laminar Wash™ systems deliver higher quality data through better cell retention, improved preservation of cellular physiology and viability, and exceptional study-to-study and operator-to-operator reproducibility.

Precisa Gravimetrics AG September 22, 2022

Evolution -86°C Freezer

The Evolution range consists of 3 volumes: 340, 515 and 690L to store up to 48000 2mL cryotubes (480 boxes) with a minimum footprint. The Evolution freezer has also been designed and optimised for daily use with frequent door openings.

Metenova AB September 16, 2022
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Metenova develop, produce and sell magnetic mixers for the pharma and biopharma industry, using two patent technologies: Zero Gravity and Truelev.  This year we are launching two new products; MixOne and the Zero-g Biomixer.

GECITECH September 15, 2022

Drive for Quality

Designer and manufacturer of flexible hoses and stainless-steel fittings, GECITECH is able to respond to any specific request thanks to a pioneering R&D department who designs and improves co-engineering solutions. Discover our expertise in this short video.

GEMÜ Vertriebs AG September 8, 2022

Tube Replacement for GEMÜ Single-Use Pinch Valves

The new single-use hose pinch valves are characterized by their intuitive, safe operation as well as their high quality and durability. The valves guide a hose that is compressed from above by a pressure piece for the control and regulation of media.

GEMÜ Vertriebs AG September 8, 2022

The new pinch valves from GEMÜ make your tubes smile

With the new Q series, the Ingelfingen-based valve specialist GEMÜ is expanding its wide range of valves to include pinch valves. The valves are specially designed for single-use applications.

GEMÜ Vertriebs AG September 8, 2022

Efficient maintenance of single-use diaphragm valves

The Ingelfingen-based valve specialist GEMÜ has further developed his world's first single-use diaphragm valve GEMÜ SUMONDO. It now enables even faster and more efficient maintenance of single-use systems.

Stäubli AG September 7, 2022
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Anti-pollution quick coupling NCB

Stäubli's flush-face technology guarantees clean connection and disconnection, without spillage. It's anti-pollution features ensures no pollution of the circuits or the environment.

Thommen-Furler AG September 5, 2022
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20 years of experience in the US-market - now available in Europe. HONEYWELL BURDICK & JACKSON BioSyn™; a comprehensive range of reagents and solvents for oligonucleotide synthesis.

Contrec AG August 31, 2022
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LFE Mass Flow Controller

Fast, accurate, and configurable. Ships in 5 days. Alicat mass flow and pressure devices provide incredible performance so that you can achieve more.

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