Through digitisation and the resulting networking of process management and system operation, maintenance is becoming the backbone of Industry 4.0. And services in GxP are also in demand. Augmented and virtual reality are increasingly being deployed in this field.

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InduPart AG September 8, 2022

Axelent X- Tray

Axelent X-Tray – smart and simple system for cable management. Quick assembly saves time and costs. With the X-Tray grid channel system, no molded parts are required.

BioConcept AG August 31, 2022
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Pipette Care

Pipette Care is BioConcept’s pipette service for servicing and calibrating all major brands, all types and all volumes. BioConcept is Sartorius Service Partner for Pipette Service in Switzerland.

KSB (Schweiz) AG August 22, 2022
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Smart products need smart people

KSB SupremeServ covers the entire product life cycle. Customers need operating reliability because unexpected downtimes can entail major economi consequences. Short maintenance inspection times, predictive maintenance and a fast spare parts delivery are crucial from an operational point of view.

Milian SA August 18, 2022
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We Help Your Science to Progress

Our goal is to provide solutions so that our customers can concentrate on their research and to collaborate throughout the entire life cycle of a laboratory - from planning a laboratory, to finding the right equipment, to setting up a smooth supply system and ensuring the safety of the supply chain.

GROUPE LATTY August 15, 2022

Single balanced mechanical seal LATTYseal B 23212

LATTYseal B 23212 is a standard balanced mechanical seal with protected spring and pentagonal drive. The protected-spring design makes this seal suitable for a wide range of applications: pumps conveying slurries for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Swiss Vacuum Technologies SA August 2, 2022
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After sales - Maintenance specialists

We provide strong after-sales support in terms of responsiveness, reliability and customer care. Our technicians are trained and certified by our supplier. Efficiency is our main strength. We can repair and provide maintenance for pharmaceutical, vacuum and testing equipment.

Socorex Isba SA July 4, 2022
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The important role of service in liquid handling instruments

Often overlooked, service on micropipettes and dispensers is crucial for the reliability of the results.

Stäubli AG June 7, 2022

Safety, performance and reliability for fluid transfer operations

The process of transferring industrial liquids and gases, especially those which have aggressive properties, requires careful consideration and attention to detail at all stages to ensure a safe and consistent operation.

Aseptconn AG May 16, 2022
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Fittings and Connections Tri-Clamp

These are quickly applied fittings and connections, used in working environments that require a high level of hygiene. Do you want to know more? Then read on.

Aseptconn AG May 16, 2022
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Why use a Dummy?

Save time and cleaning products when you wash your filters, thanks to the Dummy for your crankcase. Our engineering department will make it to measure for you

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