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ILMAC November 7, 2022
News & Innovation


We reminisce. Are you too? Our video of ILMAC LAUSANNE in September 2022 is already getting you in the mood for the next ILMAC.

ILMAC September 30, 2022
News & Innovation

ILMAC LAUSANNE 2022 – Final report

ILMAC LAUSANNE – Successful endorsement of the venue for the life sciences sector in French-speaking Switzerland. The successful fourth edition of ILMAC LAUSANNE ended on Thursday, September 29, 2022, with a thoroughly satisfied group of participants.

ILMAC September 28, 2022
News & Innovation

ILMAC LAUSANNE 2022 – Opening

Innovations in dialogue: Solutions and offers for the chemical and life sciences industry. From 28 – 29 September 2022, the doors to ILMAC LAUSANNE will open for the fourth time.

Curiox Biosystems Co Ltd September 27, 2022

Laminar Wash Technology for Sample Preparation

Faster and easily automated, Laminar Wash™ systems deliver higher quality data through better cell retention, improved preservation of cellular physiology and viability, and exceptional study-to-study and operator-to-operator reproducibility.

Gilson (Schweiz) AG September 26, 2022

New MyPIPETMAN® Pipette Range from Gilson

We will be exhibiting our manual liquid handling instruments, including the newly launched MyPIPETMAN® pipettes and our automated PIPETMAX. As well as PLATEMASTER®, our accurate solution for high-throughput manual pipetting. Pop by our booth to grab a free sample of our AmpliPur® Expert tips to try.

Flow Robotics September 21, 2022

flowbot® ONE is now availble with UV Light

Flow Robotics has launched UV-C light for disinfection in their pipetting robot, flowbot® ONE. This will increase effectiveness, efficiency and prevent contamination.

GECITECH September 15, 2022

Drive for Quality

Designer and manufacturer of flexible hoses and stainless-steel fittings, GECITECH is able to respond to any specific request thanks to a pioneering R&D department who designs and improves co-engineering solutions. Discover our expertise in this short video.

Baumer Electric AG September 13, 2022
Product Highlight

Sensor for air and gas bubble detection

Maximum system effectiveness with the highest process reliability and quality. The PAD20 is a real innovation in the process area. It reliably detects the smallest air pockets in closed lines and systems and helps to save energy with consistently high process reliability.

VICI AG International September 8, 2022

Meet Hydrogen: VICI DBS H2 Gas Generators

VICI DBS is a leading innovator and manufacturer of high purity gas systems for analytical laboratories. Our gas generators are specifically designed to meet the stringent gas requirements for all the leading GC and LC/MS instrument manufacturers. See more in the video below.

VICI AG International September 8, 2022
Product Highlight

Universal GC detector- NEW for Agilent GC 8890

The VICI pulse discharge detector (PDD) is universal and is based on the helium photoionization principle (HID / PID). It is highly sensitive and the sample is not destroyed during detection.

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