Flow Chemistry – Automated and Modular

The unique Ehrfeld Modular MicroReaction system is ideal for developing new flow chemistry processes. By combining the Ehrfeld MMRS system with the laboratory automation by HiTec Zang it is quick and easy to set up an automated flow reactor system which is flexible both in hardware and software.

Compared to conventional batch systems, the smaller size of microreactor systems leads to faster mixing processes and an improved heat exchange, which can significantly speed up reactions. Their low volume and fast heat exchange also leads to safe processes both for highly exothermic reactions and high pressures. As continous reactors, larger quantities of product can be produced simply by longer runtimes. Performing a series of experiments can be achieved by changing parameters during operation. Furthermore, the continous operation also simplifies the use of online analytic systems.

However, their operation requires the control of a series of parameters such as flow rates, flow rate ratio, temperature and pressure, which is difficult to control simultaneously. Also, running many experiments, using online analysis, and long durations of operation would be manually very costly. Thus, flow reactors really benefit from laboratory automation.

The software LabVision® by Hitec Zang, in combination with the LabManager® or LabBox® automation unit, is one of the most powerful solutions for laboratory automation. In cooperation with Ehrfeld Mikrotechnik, a library for the Ehrfeld MMRS modules was developed which simplifies and speeds up the automation of Ehrfeld MMRS systems.

The key benefits of the resulting automated flow reactor system are:

  • Precise temperature control due to the PID control of the software and fast heat exchange of the reactor
  • Central control and display of sensors and lab equipment
  • Automated recipe control and procedures
  • Continous monitoring for continous production
  • Integration of online analytic devices

What is unique about the Ehrfeld MMRS system is its modularity, which allows the quick & easy customization of the flow reactor setup to your application. This is also found in LabVision® and in the LabManager® which were designed specifically for research and development, allowing a free and flexible configuration of the automation according to your needs. The software is also open to a wide range of laboratory equipment, either by selecting a device from a large library or by the creation of a suitable device driver by HiTec Zang or by you.

Ehrfeld Mikrotechnik also offers several scale up concepts, where the automation strategies used in the smaller MMRS system can be kept, thus helping you on your way from research and development to production.


Ehrfeld MMRS:

  • Modular, flexible, large range of modules -> faster development of new processes, easy adaptable to the respective application
  • Temperature: -20°C – 200°C *
  • Pressure: 100 bar max. *
  • Flow rates: 0.01 – 30 l/h, depending on modules
  • Materials: stainless steel, Hastelloy *
  • Modules are available both for the MMRS system as well as stand-alone
  • Scale-up: several scale-up options for pilot/production scale with the FlowPlate®, ART® and Miprowa® reactor systems

HiTec Zang LabManager® and LabBox® automation unit:

  • Developed according to the requirements of the international NAMUR association for research process control systems respectively laboratory automation
  • Analogue and digital inputs and outputs for sensors, valves and other devices
  • Pt100 temperature sensor inputs, resolution of 0.01 K or high resolution of 1 mK
  • RS-232, RS-485 and network interfaces for a wide range of industrial and lab equipment
  • PID controllers, with specialized controllers for pH regulation and dosing

HiTec Zang LabVision ® automation software:

  • Extensive software for process automation and visualisation
  • Easy to configure and customize
  • Plotting system
  • Recipe control
  • Program editor for control programs
  • Monitoring and reporting
  • Fully network-capable, e.g. with OPC UA

*other upon request