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Hygienic Air Cooling Unit Vindur® Top

The Vindur® Top is a secondary air cooling unit and is especially designed for rooms occupied by people, which are subject to hygienic requirements according to VDI 6022 or SWVKI VA105-01 or according to DIN 1946-4 of room class II.

Secondary air cooling units are recirculation systems that are used as an additional or retrofit solution when the existing, primary building air handling unit is no longer sufficient and additional cooling is required.

The focus here is on easy accessibility, cleanability and the replaceability of all built-in parts. 

The recirculating AHU is equipped with an energy-efficient EC fan, powerful cooling (via chilled water or direct evaporation) with integrated condensate lift pump, two-stage filtration (ePM1 ³ 50% (previously F7) and ePM1 ³ 80% (previously F9)) and a latest-generation control system.

The hygienic air handling unit is designed as a plug & play solution and can be easily integrated into an existing ceiling, mounted underneath, or even built as a laminar flow unit.

Due to the low noise level (of only 42.4 db(A) at 1,200 m3/h), the units are also used, for example, in clean rooms, research facilities, laboratories, recreation rooms, examination rooms, in radiology rooms (CT and MRI rooms) or even in operating theaters. 


Options and accessories:

  • Double filter stage: Fine dust filter ePM1 ³ 80% (previously F9) and HEPA H14 HEPA filter (EN 1822:2009).
  • Thermal disinfection - effectively & demonstrably prevents the growth of microorganisms in the air handling unit.
  • UVC disinfection to disinfect the air outlet side filter.
  • Also available without integrated control -> control by on-site BMS/GLT possible.