Product Highlight


Metenova develop, produce and sell magnetic mixers for the pharma and biopharma industry, using two patent technologies: Zero Gravity and Truelev.  This year we are launching two new products; MixOne and the Zero-g Biomixer.

MixOne is a complete single-use mixing solutions in rigid containers. It offers 
Superior low shear mixing performance, utilizing the Truelev Technology combined
with mixing optimized rigid container design.

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The Zero-g Biomixer offers excellent gentle mixing for bioreactors. The magnetically coupled bottom mounted mixer eliminates mechanical seals and is the optimum solution for aseptic and sterile vessels. The Zero-Gravity bearing technology, in a heavy-duty version, ensures safe operation and maximizes production uptime.

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Truelev is the Ultimate low shear mixer, using a fully levitating bearing-less mix head. Truelev has no wear parts and no moving parts in the motor for a truly maintenance free mixer. The mixer collects real time performance
data, which is valuable for both process
analytics and mixer control.

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Mixing evaluation services is offered in the Metenova Application lab and CFD simulations is also helping customers to select the optimum solution.

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