Product Highlight

Our Hoses and Connections specially designed for the Pharmaceutical Industry

The Pharmaceutical world is very strictly regulated. It is therefore important that all materials used are of the highest quality. That is why we have developed hoses and connections that meet your requirements.

We offer flexible hoses to the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industry, as well as ASEPTLOCK®, which are specially designed connections for the pharmaceutical sector. Therefore, they perfectly meet your quality requirements.

Hoses for the pharmaceutical and biotech sectors

There are several different types of ASEPTCOR® hose, each with special features to suit your needs and quality requirements.

  • STHT-P: Developed for peristaltic pump applications
  • STHT-C: Developed for unpressurised or low-pressure application
  • STHT-R: Developed for applications with increased system pressure
  • STHT-W: Developed for high pressure and vacuum systems
  • U-Series PFA: Developed for the transport of ultra-purity media and puresteam
  • UX-Series PFA ATEX: Developed for the transport of ultra-purity mediaand pure steam
  • UAC-Series PFA: Developed for the transport of ultra-purity media andpure steam.
  • Pharmadust Series TPU: Developed for the transport of air/powdermixtures.
  • Thermo Series: Developed for the transport of heat-sensitive liquids


ASEPTLOCK® are reusable connections with several advantages such as :

  • Connections according to ISO, DIN and ASME BPE standards
  • Fast and clean assembly
  • On-site assembly in the production area
  • Reduced intervention time in production areas
  • Being reusable and compatible with all existing fittings
  • Being compatible with ASEPTCOR® or silicone hoses only

What do we guarantee?

One of Aseptconn's values is to react quickly when a request is made. That is why we guarantee a short response time, the best delivery time and quality products.
In addition, all our customers can call us to assemble the connections and hoses on site, and we train your maintenance and production staff in the correct assembly practices for reusable connections.

Our range of products for the pharmaceutical industry is almost unlimited, so don't hesitate to contact us."