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Revolutionize your Freeze Drying Process

Ellab’s new innovative and patent-pending TrackSense LyoPro is the ultimate solution for validating the process, temperature mapping the equipment or batch control – and is the ideal solution from pilot to production.

LyoPro ensures that your freeze dryer functions in accordance with current norms and is making your process development faster and easier. And the LyoPro technology offers valuable tools for the biotech and pharmaceutical industry to control, optimize and improve the freeze-drying process – all while ensuring the highest level of accuracy and data integrity.

One Data Logger for All Vial Sizes
By introducing a combination of the StopperClip, LoggerNest and LoggerClip components, the LyoPro will fit any vial size. The nest is shaped exactly like the vial in question, allowing data loggers to easily follow the operation on the conveyor belt as if they were vials. Shelf stoppering is also a breeze for LyoPro, as the nest ensures that the device has the same height as the vials.