TOC/ DOC/ TNb Determination - whether online or in the laboratory

With the BioTector® online TOC/TNb analyser series or with the XPERT® TOC/TNb benchtop analyser series, it doesn't matter. Both continuously and in the laboratory, the systems impress with their robustness, accuracy and simplicity.

The BioTector® series covers a measuring range of 10 ppb - 20000 ppm C with the patented two-stage oxidation process. If desired, the total nitrogen, TNb can also be determined simultaneously. Salt loads of up to 30% with a particle permeability of 3 mm can be easily handled due to the automatic sample tube cleaning.

The XPERT® covers a measuring range of 50 ppb - 30000 ppm C with the high temperature method and can be easily and quickly maintained due to the modular designed plug-in procedure. Total nitrogen can also be determined simultaneously with this system if desired.

Both systems are easy to maintain and have low maintenance costs.

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