Turbidity and colour measurement

Professional turbidity with the TL23 series and competent colour measurement with the Lico690. Both are at home in many industries and are therefore flexible to use.

With the combination of the TL2350/60 turbidity measuring systems and the Lico690 spectral colour measuring system, the determinations according to EuPhar 2.2.1, opalescence and turbidity as well as the colour number on transparent liquids according to EuPhar 2.2.2 can be carried out easily and reliably in an objective manner.  The same 11 mm disposable vials can be used on both systems, so that a sample volume of < 2 ml is sufficient for the determinations. Both systems comply with EuPhar and Data Integrity (DI) specifications. Intuitive operation is via a touch screen. In addition, a documented equipment qualification (DQ/IQ/OQ) can be requested for both systems.